When I called Bodhi Be, Co-Founder of Doorway Into Light,  for the first time a couple of years ago I knew I liked him. He has one of those qualities that you can feel in your spirit right away. He makes his own coffins; what’s not to love?


Bodhi Be

The Death Store, Haiku, HI

I loved the work he was doing in Maui for the people in his community. I loved his Death Store, ocean burials and home funeral work. I had to meet him. So I called him and asked him if I could come and he said, ‘sure.’

So began my journey to meet him. I had no idea how I was going to get there until I met Robert Barnes, who is also doing great things to help the palliative care world and people to reduce suffering.


Robert Barnes

Producer: A New Understanding: the Science of Psilocybin

I helped him promote his documentary: A New Understanding: the Science of Psilocybin  and he brought me to Maui to meet my new friend and colleague. We helped each other on a soul level and I am forever grateful to Robert because of it.

The powerful connection to the waters of Maui, to Bodhi, to the work we share and the continual weaving of the death empowerment movement between all of us are just some of the gifts of this Journey.