I have been wanting to go to New Zealand for many years. It may not be for the typical reasons that most want to go. For me, there was a very special man I took care of many years ago who had a strong connection to New Zealand. He loved it, had friends from there and was deeply moved by the culture.

I always wanted to go there for him. I wanted to see the country he loved so much. Then in the last couple of years I began to meet wonderful people from Australia that were doing important work in the end of life “Death Positive” movement. They are pioneers as well, doing their part in empowering families to die as they want and to care for their dying and dead.

So this year, I decided to take the plunge. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get there or who was going to go with me or if I would go alone. One thing led to another and it became clear ┬áthat I needed to share this with someone who wanted to explore this region with me as much as I did. I chose Amanda Carr to accompany me as she is an emergency room RN in Portland, Maine wanting to make a difference for families as well.

This trip will be very special for us as we explore spiritual lands, talk with leaders in the field and locals about what they see, what they are wanting to change, how they are empowering families, what solutions they are envisioning and sharing stories. We want to bring back what we find and share what we are doing over here in the States.