My Travel Companion: Amanda Carr. She is an ER nurse with a mission to Change the Face of Dying. Her BLOG.


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The reasons for my Journey to New Zealand are in this blog post. It is deeply personal, part spiritual and part for humanity. The meeting of other leaders in death care and education is the humanity aspect; we want to continue to bring choice and empowerment to people as they face serious illness, dying, death and mourning.

As I have been meeting wonderful people all over the world via the internet doing this end of life work, it is my deepest pleasure to meet several people as we travel. Let me introduce them to you here.

Carol Wales, Auckland New Zealand.

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Carly Jay Metcalf, Brisbane Australia.

Zenith Virago, Byron Bay Australia.



Gypsy Artemis, Gosford Australia

Michael Barbato, Kiama Australia


We, Amanda and I, will be meeting these lovely people and discussing our work. We will be interviewing locals along the way about how they view death and dying in their country. We will breathe in the sea air and the lovely country and culture. We will be exchanging ideas with other leaders in this part of the world and will be doing our part to build bridges around the world.